Thursday, January 12, 2017

Secret's in the Sauce...

 God's really been bringing some amazing projects and new business relationships my way lately. I continue to design for Coke full time. Shane's Rib Shack is now a freelance client of mine and I've been working on a coloring book for The city of Stockbridge, GA about Daddy King. I can say for sure it's all due to faith and God throwing open doors I just frankly never would have thought to even walk up to.

I continue to in the very little spare time I have paint and teach painting. I still hope for a day when God knocks on Disney's door to tell them they need my paintings in The Art of Disney stores ;)

My oldest daughter turned Sweet 16! Tear... So of course we had to throw a fun shindig filled with moons and stars. The birthday girl is quite the celestial fan. My cousin Heather from Sprinkle Bakes did an amazing birthday cake for the party which you can read about here. Soon I'll be posting a how to for those of you who are up for making your own man on the moon photo booth prop.

Happy Winter Y'all! Here's to a Fantastically Productive 2017 filled with love.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where've I been?

Hi All!
I know it's been ages since I blogged. Bottom line.. I'm slack! I've been illustrating books, teaching painting and oh yeah.. love my day job as an illustrator for the best soda around! My kids have gotten older.. and So have I, but it beats the heck out of the alternative, right?
I'm still perusing my dream of being a licensed Disney artist. Some days I feel like I will achieve that dream and other days I hear the devil saying I'm wasting my time. BUT I take comfort in Psalm 37:4, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."
So what have I been sending the publishing companies that supply Disney's Art store s to get my foot in? Here's a run down, I send new art every 6 months. Though this time I'm running a little late due to teaching and kids keeping me busy.

Currently working on...   

This one's ready to send.. once I have the others I'm working on ready to send....

Last set I sent....

First Set I sent with Fab 5 characters.... 

First set I sent featuring my Day of the Dead Fairytale Series...

All of these images are inspired by Disney and are property of me and Disney!
No reproduction, copies or distribution is allowed!

The latest book I illustrated for Christina Cody turned out great and we're busy working on the next one in that series.

Well that's enough catching up for now. 


Friday, February 14, 2014

A Mouse, A Book and An Exciting New Year

It's been a bit. I promise I have a good excuse... I've been one crazy busy art making and teaching lady. Oh, but don't think for a second I'm complaining. This gal loves her art time!
So what's new, Well the year for one thing. And I've been working on a new book with Christina Cody. I'm illustrating her exciting new fairytale. That's about all I can share about that for now.
My husband and I took a quick trip down to my favorite place on earth... Disney World for some r and r. We had lots of fun acting like kids in the parks and I got inspired to make new stuff like I do every trip there.

I'm very proud to share that my amazing photographer husband had his first magazine cover published this January. St. Mary's Magazine used his photo for the cover and did and interview and two page spread of his photos.

Also, I've been busy in my studio creating a new series of paintings that I hope to submit to hopefully be sold in The Art of Disney stores!!! Oh be still my beating heart!

We've also been cranking out the art classes with my super talented students wowing me every time!

So as you can see, busy, but blogland is still close to my heart and always on my mind!

Oh one more thing! I joined the Mary Janes Farmgirl Sisterhood! I'm officially Sister 5759 :)

Gotta go for now. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dragonflies and Rednecks

Hi friends,
Last Saturday's Pinspirations class at The Blue was a hit. We had a great time going step by step over the process of bringing to life a one of a kind dragonfly. Lots of laughs were had and techniques learned. Who knew you could do so much with salvage scrap parts from old lights and doors. We had lunch at the Redneck Gourmet which was amazing! The top pick from my crew at The Redneck had to be the burgers,  onion rings and the KahlĂșa Crunch. We'll be doing this workshop again so if you are interested in being part of it, email me or leave a comment here. When that class is workshop is scheduled, you'll be the first to know!

 Be sure to like Out of The Blue's Facebook page so you can keep up with the latest events and get your art on! Remember, Do Something You LOVE!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fried Green Paints At The Whistle Stop Cafe

You're just a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode. That's what you are, a bee charmer. “ ~ Ruth 

Our Fried Green Paints Event was a great deal of fun. What could go wrong with amazing southern cooking, your best girl friends and paint. It’s the recipe for an amazing day which is just what we had. Our day began with a walk about town scoping out good spots to draw and paint. Once we settled on our sites to work from Lydia Ellis and I did a demo to show how perspective can be captured to create a great piece of art using pastels and watercolors.
The demo was followed by an out of this world by the amazing folks at The Whistle Stop Café. The restaurants owner Elizabeth was very helpful and a gracious hostess. Did I mention the food was great? Our ladies then set out to create amazing art. Towanda !!!!!!!!!!
If you are interested in meeting up with Lydia and I for a great experience making art and walking into a scene straight out of Fried Green Tomatoes, contact me.



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Geranium Festival Recap and Findings

So the festival morning started with epic rain.. the first in 20 years of the festivals history.. don't I feel special ;) But then it cleared out and we had about 1/2 to 2/3 the normal crowds. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself painting faces non stop from 8:30 to five with no break until four when I sat for a moment and took a sip of water. I heard from one child that he had waited an hour. This is when I finely raise my eyes up from the child and was astonished to see a long line of kids and parents.

I averaged between 10 minutes to 6 minutes per face. Most people bought the half face. I heard several kids argue with parents that this was what they wanted not the butterfly on the forehead down the way! I saw one fight between a parent who waited in line and the inevitable ill behaved lady teaching her child to break in line. I was terrified and chose to keep my head down and focused on painting rather than scolding the all deserving Poorly behaving lady.

I planned ahead and had a friend show up who has a lovely blank canvas :) on the back of his head. And after getting a free paint job he walked about and which was a great way to have people sent my way.


You should've seen it when he put his sunglasses on backwards with this paint job. It's a hoot!
So the one big thing I will do differently next time is that I set up the face painting between my two art displays. The prints were displayed on a table made onto the displays so that they could get prints of what they liked right there. BUT the line of kids blocked all of that and so though I did sale some prints, it was large unnoticed.
I set up a table at the front of my booth with a fake chalk board made of black foam core board and white paint marker that listed my upcoming art events such as the Fried Green Paints event as well as the classes. Below that on the table was a sheet to sign up for my newsletter to find out about future art shows, event and classes. And the sheets is quite full!!!!!!!!!!
I made enough to pay for everything I invested print and booth wise, plus a tiny profit. BUT I have loads of prints lefts and everything I need to do t his for a few years not. It will only need occasional face paint restocked ans eventually more prints of new art. I want to say Thank you DAN MILLER!!!!!!!!! You inspire me, Encourage Me and give the pat on the back for thinking out side of the box every time I hear you tale someones story. Of course I was lucky to have my family backing me up with helping set up and taking money while I painted away!
at the end of the day I got just what I needed... Cotton Candy!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Whistle while you work

Whistle while you work...hmmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmm.... My Dad has that down ;)
We've been busy around the Ozee House. My father Will of From Will's Workshop brought my sketches to life. We were lucky to have a dear friend donate four sets of shutters which with my design and Dad's know how turned into this!

The frames will be painted black, they are also the handy work of my dear old dad. The skirt that trims the table will house the cooler and any unsightly supplies not being used. there are two of these displays.
So.... a picture is worth a thousand words... and I'm banking on a picture taken in my photo booth with smart phone toting patrons spreading the word about my art. To make sure that my watermark is in each picture... I made wallpaper to decorate the wall. I have to say, I'm pretty darn tickled with how it came out.

And the Insulation board I created that photo booth with comes in very large sheets. So large that I have lots left over to sculpt signs from! Signs like these.

Next we're onto what to do when, Lord help me.. the vinyl doesn't stick to the roof... literally. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hitting the Wall

SO my Geranium Festival booth will feature my Day of The Dead Fairytale Series. My wonderful boss Lance had the BRILLIANT idea to do day of the dead face painting! Then I was struck with an add on idea... PHOTO BOOTH!!!! Those are so hot at the moment. You can go onto pinterest without seeing one or two here and there. And then I came across this sweet photo booth idea on pinterest. I fell in love immediately.... with the one it instantly brought to life in my head. The one in my head had a similar wallpaper but with my name so that all photos that were facebooked or shared in other ways had who did it and where to get your art or face painting! And that instead of Gran and Grandpa in the other frames it would be my lovely little dead folks ;)
So I....

  1. I got the idea from boss and pinterest

  2. I customized it in my head and on paper

  3. Designed and had printed my custom wallpaper

  4. Buy blue insulation board and cut a square to allow person to stand behind and appear in the frame.
  5. Tape the wallpaper and prints onto the wall and draw picture frames with GIANT sharpie!
  6. Make some cash painting faces and have people advertise ME for free through their Facebook addition! Yes please ;)