Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{ A Party } Mad Tea Party Printable Set

Hello Friends,
WE had a Fabulous time at our Mad Mismatched Tea Party. The birthday girl was had a Very Happy Un-Birthday! There was a bowl of cotton candy to toss to you neighbor, pecan swirls, truffles and of course cupcakes in tea cups!
Now I know I told you that I was going to create a beautiful cake inspired by my cousin Heather's book cake. Well, real life hit and I not only didn't make the cake but was out of time and had no cupcakes... What's a girl to do? My BFF Tiffany, the lovely lady in the dazzling hat below was quick on her feet and called our local Walmart. They were happy to make a batch of cupcakes minus the frosting. "No frosting?" you might ask.

Well my sweet girl fell in love with a frosting a friend had recently at her daughters party. It's Kool-Aid Frosting. You simply mix the flavor of Kool-Aid you want into Vanilla icing until it gets to the color you are aiming for. I have to admit... I had no trouble steering clear of those cupcakes, they were way to tart for my taste. But the kids loved them!
So the table and all it's splendid treats... were all straight from a box of Debbie snacks or a bag. This Mom certainly wanted to do a little more with the treats, but I think this shows no matter the time you to dedicate to a party... it can be lovely.

We entertained the kids with coloring sheets from the printable set and a game of one lump or two in which they tossed giant sugar cubes(Styrofoam cubes) into a giant tea cup. I also had a giggle when we sugared them up and then gave them decks of cards with the challenge of building houses of cards with little shaky sugar hands!

The printable party set can be purchased here.

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