Friday, February 14, 2014

A Mouse, A Book and An Exciting New Year

It's been a bit. I promise I have a good excuse... I've been one crazy busy art making and teaching lady. Oh, but don't think for a second I'm complaining. This gal loves her art time!
So what's new, Well the year for one thing. And I've been working on a new book with Christina Cody. I'm illustrating her exciting new fairytale. That's about all I can share about that for now.
My husband and I took a quick trip down to my favorite place on earth... Disney World for some r and r. We had lots of fun acting like kids in the parks and I got inspired to make new stuff like I do every trip there.

I'm very proud to share that my amazing photographer husband had his first magazine cover published this January. St. Mary's Magazine used his photo for the cover and did and interview and two page spread of his photos.

Also, I've been busy in my studio creating a new series of paintings that I hope to submit to hopefully be sold in The Art of Disney stores!!! Oh be still my beating heart!

We've also been cranking out the art classes with my super talented students wowing me every time!

So as you can see, busy, but blogland is still close to my heart and always on my mind!

Oh one more thing! I joined the Mary Janes Farmgirl Sisterhood! I'm officially Sister 5759 :)

Gotta go for now.