Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pancakes and Paints

Miss Isabel has had a nice Birthday weekend. She saw Brave, had a couple of friends spend the night, and was surprised by a neighbor with a lovely pool party complete with balloons! Oh.. and she had her room redecorated!

This morning we had pancakes and paints! Isabel's pancakes were topped with candles lit by daddy. Then after we cleared breakfast we all settled in for some relaxing watercolor painting.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Birthday Bed

This year Miss Isabel had a Room Makeover instead of a Party... gasp.. No water slide! We'll live, especially since our sweet neighbor invited the girls over for a late night swim on Isabel's birthday. Love Ya Debbie!
So the plan was to de-cluter, which involved borrowing a pick up truck loading it to the gills with toys and out grown clothing to take to the women's shelter in out town. She picked paint and comforter and we were off.... accept she fell in love with a bed. The bed looked cute, a find on pinterest with the little one in my lap, and I thought... that's a project for Papaw Alligator! Papaw Alligator got his name from fishing in the river near his home and waking alligators on the head with his paddle when got too close to his little john boat. I come from a long line of stubborn "I was here first people", and he's a great example of that.
So Papaw Alligator, my Dad has a gift with wood just as my mother does.

This is not his normal expression, but it is how he normally plays around :)
 We showed him a picture and he was off drawing plans and buying supplies. He cut the wood in my driveway with my step mother and I at his side dodging saw dust and the nail gun. When it was done and the dust settled we carried the walls into her rook and I dodged the nail gun a little more.

 By late evening my mother was over and she and I were painting away. Can I say hot pink paint shows up even in this curly hair! I sit at my desk as we speak with a nice hot pink spot here and there in my nest of curly locks. So all that is left is to put up the curtains on each end and at the entrance as well as top it with a canopy like fabric. That will be done by Friday!


Seeing Isabellies face when she saw the bed was great, but even better was kissing her bye this morning on my way to work and seeing her and her big sis tucked in all snuggled up.

Special thanks to Papaw Alligator, Lyn and Grandma Paula. Y'all made this a very special birthday for my Isabel... and gave her mom a sweet spot to read bed time stories with her.