Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hitting the Wall

SO my Geranium Festival booth will feature my Day of The Dead Fairytale Series. My wonderful boss Lance had the BRILLIANT idea to do day of the dead face painting! Then I was struck with an add on idea... PHOTO BOOTH!!!! Those are so hot at the moment. You can go onto pinterest without seeing one or two here and there. And then I came across this sweet photo booth idea on pinterest. I fell in love immediately.... with the one it instantly brought to life in my head. The one in my head had a similar wallpaper but with my name so that all photos that were facebooked or shared in other ways had who did it and where to get your art or face painting! And that instead of Gran and Grandpa in the other frames it would be my lovely little dead folks ;)
So I....

  1. I got the idea from boss and pinterest

  2. I customized it in my head and on paper

  3. Designed and had printed my custom wallpaper

  4. Buy blue insulation board and cut a square to allow person to stand behind and appear in the frame.
  5. Tape the wallpaper and prints onto the wall and draw picture frames with GIANT sharpie!
  6. Make some cash painting faces and have people advertise ME for free through their Facebook addition! Yes please ;)

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013


    Hi Friends,
    I'm making great strides towards being ready for The Geranium Festival. I wanted to share what all is involved in preparing for sharing your art or craft for such an event.
    1. PRAY
    2. My first and I think most important step was deciding what the focus of my booth would be. For this event I'm only showing my Day of The Dead Fairytale series.

    1. The next important step is deciding what I would offer. I knew I wanted to offer prints, post cards posters, and do Day of The Dead face painting. SO that's step two checked off.
    2. Next was the how... I found a printer that I could forge a great relationship while not breaking the bank to produce prints. Decided how many I thought I needed and then... ORDERED them! I know sooo many people with great ideas... who never put their butt in the chair and do it. THat obstacle so far I have dodged.
    3. FIGHT THE FEAR....
      I can't tell you how often for sure, but I think it's about twice a day... I get a cold chill down my spine that can only be described as the devil whispering in my ear. He whispers things like, " What are you thinking, No One Wants this stuff. You can't pull it off and will lose your butt! People will meet you and dislike you. Those who love you are sacrificing too much to help you." To this I take a deep breath, recognize the lie that it is, and remember the positive feed back and uplifting words of those who encourage me, and stop thinking before the negative comments some have made pop into the mental conversations!
    4. Buy the tent! You can stalk craig's list till one pops up available for a great price or even free, but I am not patient enough for that.
    5. Plan to wow them with eye candy. I'm selling prints and showing original art. I could have a simple wire rack and table... but where's the "Ooh Lala" in that? Instead I sketched the dream for my look out. It includes a decorated tent top to coax people a little close to my tent out of curiosity if nothing else. Then I planed a photo booth and decided to offer face paint so that the visitors could pay to look like a day of the dead and then take a picture behind a fake wall as if they are in a picture frame as one of my paintings! Cheap but wow factor for sure!

    6. Business cards! Get them done at a local copy shop on card stock which they print for only a buck or so and then cut them apart yourself, this is way cheaper than the pro cards and for a small themed event are just fine!
    SO that's where I am so far. Well on my way to a dream. Butterflies? YES. Confidence that I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me? YES

    Oh! I also have decided at the urging of my youngest daughter to start offering art classes. I'll be posting about that soon!