Monday, August 19, 2013

{An Artist} James A. Norris

Hi firends,
I want to introduce you to a new artist friend of mine who is... are you ready for it... CRAZY for VW! He's brilliant. I mean who else thinks of  "what would Jesus drive". And the tag line to that one is awesome too!
So, how did i meet James? Well, in a small town not so far away... just south actually... in the town of Juliette. James was out visiting with Fred, a local business owner and we struck up a conversation while I was painting The Whistle Stop Cafe. IT was instant friends! These guys are great, the hole town is super friendly. But Oh my the art this guy makes. I'm sharing his facebook link here as well as the link to his store where you can buy shirts and such with his awesome art on it. I LOVE his tattoo remover!

This is James. Well, behind the picture is James ;)
Go check out more of his art!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013