Monday, April 30, 2012

A Pirate, A Painting and Monkeys

I spent the weekend doing the usual.. drawing monsters, grocery shopping and giggling with my girls. Isabel was excited to pick out fruit for a homemade fruit salad.. which was all gone within 24 hrs, then we were off to pick up a treat for them. The kid's school is having 80's day and they were super excited to see Justice has neon lip gloss. We grabbed that and neon tie died nail polish. That lip gloss is seriously neon.

 I can't wait to share the Pirate with you all. He's a swashbuckling Caterpillar inspired monster who has a special sidekick. I can't share more than that, but I think he will be one of my favorite monsters.

Roxy grabbed a cookie at Publix that was perfect monster inspiration! He was gone before we reached the soccer field. I spotted a monster tail a couple of times on the field... hmm? You never know where they will pop up!


I'm posting this old painting because it's been on my mind lately. The angel my husband's arm is resting on is a statue at Bonaventure Cemetery. Bonaventure Cemetery is a beautiful site. It's in the Savannah Georgia area. We hope to do a quick weekend trip down to coastal Georgia this summer, fingers crossed!

 That's it for now friends.