Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hi Friends,
One of my favorite Professors used to say that the only thing that kept people from succeeding was fear. I think of it as our careful anticipation of every little outcome and unknown possibility tethering us to the usual and limiting our potential. Have you ever noticed that if you ask a room full of children if they can draw...
they all ruckusly shout..
 "I can!"
"I can!"
"I can!"
Creating art is a beautiful process and every piece is a unique expression of it's maker, as we are all unique creations. Don't be timid... make a broad stroke on the canvas, get really close with the lens, dare to crochet without a pattern. 
Be creative and be proud of what you've got within!

art by Isabel



Christina Cody said...

Absolutely wonderful artwork by Isabel and your sentiment about how we hold our own selves back.

Kids do believe in themselves creatively until they are told they "can't" so let our words be, "YOU CAN!" and "I CAN!"

Let the Purple Bunnies run rampant!

Willow said...

Hi Heather! I think those monsters in the previous post are adorable!
What art have you been doing lately?

Heather Ozee said...

I'm illustrating a book for the Christina Cody, the person who commented above. I'm also working on a series of Disney paintings... but I haven't worked on them in a while :)
How have you been Willow?