Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creative Space

It's important for all of us to have a creative space. Whether it's a cozy chair with a view for our knitting or a little spot to pull up a chair and scrap. I staked a claim to this corner of our living room. My cozy spot for designing is an antique white table with a ladder back chair that were both my great grandmother's. She was creative in the kitchen and with crocheting.... and I've heard rumor that she was quite the wine maker too!

Tip for Stretching your
Design Dollar & Refresh your Home Decor
  1. The pictures in my little creative space are actually quite thrifty. I purchased two frames at dollar tree for a dollar each.
  2. Then I went to wikipedia and searched public domain images(free to use with a few exceptions, even commercially in most cases).
  3. There I selected a site that had images best suited to my decor which in my case was yestercards.com. I selected the images I downloaded the images I liked by right clicking on the image and when the larger image appeared I then right clicked and selected save image as.
  4. I then printed each image out at the size small enough to allow matting around it in the frame.
  5. This is where you can really have fun being creative. I got out my favorite scrap booking paper, or you could print digital scrap booking papers. I cut them down to the size of the background. In one of the pictures I created a double mat by cutting a slightly smaller scrap paper for behind the picture.
  6. Then you simply glue stick the picture in the center of the scrap booking paper and place in frame. Done!

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Catherine Holman said...

Hi Heather,
Your new blog is adorable! I'm sorry that I haven't commented sooner, but I've been in bed with a bad cold and this is the first good day I've had for a while. Love the artwork too! Thanks for linking to my blog and I'll try to remember to link yours to mine as soon as this fog clears in my head.