Thursday, August 26, 2010

All About the Cupcakes

Lately it's been all about the cupcakes. And this brought to mind a painting I did for my oldest daughter a few years ago. This project combines a few things that I love. Those are recycling old furniture into art, painting and using multiple art mediums.

So the Cupcake is actually painted on a piece of an old cabinet that was primed with a little gesso. Once I had the cabinet door primed I painted my cupcake. While the acrylic paint was still wet I sprinkled a little white clear glitter over it. To top my cupcakes I went with a fun variety of buttons that I simply attached with craft glue.



Catherine Holman said...

Thanks Heather and congrats to you and your husband too! Cute cupcake!

Bethany Hissong said...

I love your cupcake painting! It was so good to hear from you too! I've been so busy with the kids this summer... planning on getting back to my art and blogging this fall! :) hugs Heather!!!!