Monday, November 15, 2010

{Birthday} Roxy's Paris Party

Hi Friends,
My oldest turned 10 today. She chose a very special present this year. A tween's dream come true, a Parisian Bedroom. I'll share pictures of the room soon, but today I wanted to show off her party decor.

We matched the pink to the color of her new pinker than pink walls. The invitations and all the other party favors featured bits of French here and there. What party would be complete with out customized water bottle labels?

We even had our own little Eiffel Tower atop the cup cake stand.
For the pictures above the Desert buffet I simply found public domain images online and then printed them in black and white. Add a couple of Dollar Tree $1.00 picture frames and... magnifique!

The cupcakes were made from boxed cake mix plus some snappy food color work. And the peppermint Malted Milk Balls added the little pink speckles I needed.

I also designed a Pin The Tail on The Poodle for the younger crowds.

Printing prices very depending on where you live, but for me to print all the stuff you see here, plus some, most of which was on card stock, cost only $13.00 at my local print shop. In my opinion, that's a deal! Just add some swank square black paper plates from Target or Wal-Mart and you're done.

If you're interested in buying this set or seeing the other party sets I have available click here.


2 comments: said...

It's adorable! I can't wait to use the party pack! :)

SprinkleBakes said...

Beautiful! I love every detail. :)