Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Birthday} Grand Slam!

Hi Friends,
I've been busy with lots of this and that. Spring is in the air. My girls and I are running around frantically looking for a shoe, rushing to gymnastics, sticking letters on science fair projects, doing laundry... doing laundry.. doing laundry... That repeat was intentional. It seems whenever I get it caught up... there's a hiccup and suddenly there's a pile!
Oh, and I'm working on a fun hippo party for a dear friend who's little one is having her first birthday party.
Then I did get that little bit of painting time... which I desperately need more of. I say need because I truly get recharged painting. It's what God created me to do. Speaking of, he's been so good to me and my family.
Oh yes, I also completed the baseball party set. You can check it out here. Batter Up!



Jacqueline said...

You know, when you write it all out like that it just gets exhausting! Love your creative spirit and your energy! Keep it up!

Sue said...

This set IS a grand slam~darling! Have a great weekend, Heather. Hope you get to fit in more painting:)

Heather Ozee said...

I'm trying to remember that some people have boys ;)

Love You both!