Friday, October 21, 2011

{A Party } Mad Te Party Planning

So, this is the weekend of designing Roxy's Mad Tea Party. I must admit it gives me a thrill. The idea of going headlong into the fantastic world of the hatter and his friend Alice is one that has ideas popping like one of those role toys the babies use when they begin to walk.

I know the party set will have tags for drinks and eats, cupcake toppers both large and small, Silhouettes of the characters to be placed in frames about the table. Place cards so that our mad guest can find their seat.... and oodles of other fun things... I do believe a game or paper doll is in order.. Oh... how about a top hat coloring sheet ready to embellish with crayons and markers.

I've been looking at what I have in the kitchen and The GIANT tea cup we got as a gift will have to take center stage as a punch bowl :)
And My hope... though lofty... is to recreate Heather's cake shown below but with Alice and her friends on the page and cards and miniature bottles etc flying above instead of butterflies... but we may end up with cupcakes, because this mom only has so many hours in the day ;)

[Image from SprinkleBakes]

I'll most likely have the girls bring a favorite tea cup or just set out my miss matched cups. We'll be having cocoa instead of tea... I know my kid and hot tea isn't on her choice menu. And tiny cupcakes and a giant cupcake. tea sandwiches... cucumber of course... and pb & j :) Lot's of fun! I'll keep you posted friends.

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