Friday, March 2, 2012

Seuss, Wood & A Gift

Hi There,
Did I mention my mother whittles? You know... carves wood. We have all kinds of fun little pieces of carved wooden fruit, spoons, crosses, miners boots, and animals of all types that she brought to life out of timber. This one she gave to one of my girls.

We were invited to a birthday party for a budding little artist. It only seemed right to give her a gift that fostered her creative spirit. So I found one of those great lap trays at Micheal's.. which they have for a sweet price at the moment & filled the side pockets with fun tissue paper. Then I jammed the compartments full of water color pallets, water color pencils, artist quality erasers, brushes and most importantly water color paper. I also tossed in a fun wind up toy milkshake that hops about when wound. To finish it off I tied a bow around the center of the tray. Given more time I would have embellished the tray top with her name and little pretty accent designs. Depending on how crazy you go with filling the tray.. this can be quite economical as a gift.

Dr. Seuss week at the school meant dressing as your favorite book character at my girls school. The oldest loves anything Alice in Wonderland, so her costume was easy. The youngest had her heart set on being Cindy Lou Who. Let me tell you... that hair would not stay up.. and I bought that extreme hold hair spray just for the project at hand. So as I pondered the dilemma.. in the lady's room... it struck me... the answer was... Empty toilet par rolls!!! I spread her hair creating a center resting place for my recycled paper roll. pulled her hair up around it. And it acted mush as a pole does in a tent... it held!!! Yay me.. Ya Mommy power.

One more thing.. if you are on a must do grocery trip and have a few more kids with you than your normal trip.. it can be intimidating. Just grab some fun hats and task them with doing a fashion/hat show through the store.. they will be a hit and be completely preoccupied with themselves.. and not the "Mom can I get this" syndrome!


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Sue said...

I LOVE the Cindy Lou Who! Kudos to you for rigging up her hair:)

Wow, I can see where you get your artistic genes. Your family is full of them!