Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monster Reader

Hi Friends,
I've been working on a very special project since February. Monster Reader, the book I teamed up with Christina Cody to illustrate is a tale of Monsters, a library, family and all things Books! This wonderful journey is starting to wrap up and we are now excited to share the kickstarter campaign with all of you.


When you visit the project home you will find the book trailer, a project donation guide to explain what goodies you get at each donation level, and you can get to know the author, or as I know her.. my dear friend.

Custom Monster Portraits are an example of one of the treats you get by donating at the Legend Level. The donor would email a photo of the person they want "Monsterized". In time the donor will receive a custom watercolor creation of their subject's monster alter ego.
We of course could use all the support we can get, so please feel free to share some link love, donate if you can, and most of all enjoy the magic that is Monster Reader!


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