Monday, June 7, 2010

Ice Cream Parlor Party Memories

One of my favorite birthday parties we've had for Roxy was her
Ice Cream Parlor Party.
It was a blast to watch the girls eyes bulge as they look at the treats that were spread before them on her Ice Cream Sunday Buffet. Sparkling pink sugar crystals, a variety of syrups, sprinkles and brownies galore. These girls were happy campers. The night continued with a marathon of favorite movies and popcorn , sleeping bags, singing to the latest Hannah Montana songs.
And mom's this was a very low budget party compared to how nutty things can get on prices of pinatas, bounce houses, skating rinks and pizza party destinations. So, don't stress Momma! Instead introduce them the Ice Cream Parlor Party Sleep over.

Buy this printable party kit here.


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