Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Old Painting & a New Project

Well I've been quite busy lately. But I wanted to share a fun new project I'm working on. Actually it only exists in my sketch book at the moment. But, it soon will be coming to life and I'll be sure to show you very soon. It's a Girl's Dinosaur Party! I can't count how many girls I've known, including myself who at one point wanted to be an archeologist. And sadly all the Dino stuff I've seen is all boy focused. Well this is going to be one stinking cute dinosaur. And she's going to be a party pleaser for sure.

One of my many UFO's(UnFinished Objects)
Scarlett's Dress Series

As I mentioned I've been busy. And me being busy means no time for painting. I have dry spells where I may not paint for a year... or a month... or something along those lines. And I've had one of those long dry spells. Well the dry spell has ended and I can't wait to get back to work on my church painting. And I've got a zillion paintings in my head ready to pop out on to a canvas or piece of water color paper. Wouldn't you know that feeling hits when I'm swamped. No complaints here though. Dry spells stink. I'm happy it's passed for now. But it is very much a part of the creative process. The refilling of the creative tank. Sometimes it only takes a good movie to refill it, sometimes a trip or hearing from an old friend. My dry spell was wiped away by the crisp winter air and lots of fun in the snow with the kids. Oh, and Netflix :)

So here's an oldy but goody until I get around to putting up my dinosaur girl party set and my new paintings that Lor d willing I can start working on this weekend.


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Sue said...

I bet your girl's dinosaur party theme is so cute! Can't wait to see it!
Glad you have your creative groove back:) The Scarlett dresses look amazing!