Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Valentine's Day} Cards

Hi Friends,
I hope you all are having a great New Year. The Ozee house has been busy playing our new Wii and having lots of family fun. Did I mention I killed my poor kids Sea Monkeys? It's a long story. Let's just say, read the directions before you feed the little boogers ;)

So I've been busy creating some fun items to celebrate Valentine's Day with. First out of my shop, a good old fashioned Valentine Card Set. Full of fun vintage cherubs, keys and sheet music. You can purchase it here. The vintage imges came from a variety of sources including 1st floor flat freebies, karens whimsy, and vintage catnip.

Next up will be the party kits with a fun French twist. That should be in my shop by this weekend. So long for now sweet friends.

Who thinks I should design a cupid paper doll set? Me too! I'll aim to get one of those drawn soon too.


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