Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Party Kit} Marie Antoinette

I hope you are all well sweet Blogland friends. I've got a fresh batch of designs to share with you. Check out my fun new Marie Antoinette Party Kit. It was a hoot working on this set. I know a lot of people share my love for Marie and her fabulous dresses. Her fashions were my inspiration, along with the amazing hair she sported. "Let's Have Cake", isn't that a fun play on words and a cute way to start an invitation.

If you do your cupcakes just right and pop the Marie topper on it, it will look like the cupcake is her skirt! How fun is that. I could see having my girls and their friends decorate their cupcake Marie's skirt. What do you think? The whimsical cupcake place cards are darling too.

The set also includes this lovely little Marie Antoinette Paper Doll I designed. This is one part of the set where I really got to have fun exploring my inner fashion designer.

I have some really exciting design sets on the horizon that are going to be popping with spring colors. Would you like a hint? Batter Up! Hungry, Hungry.... (You know that fun game the kids love to play) What will you See under the Sea? So there's three hints for three upcoming sets.

I've been amazed at the amount of Pin The Beak on The Owl's I've been selling for the past two weeks. This little bird has become quite popular. The cupcake toppers are one of my favorite sets. I'm always won over by anything pink and brown, so I truly enjoyed doing these.

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Sue said...

I like the theme of Marie Antoinette with cake~perfect:) I also like your idea of the cupcake being the skirt of her dress~very cute and clever.
Heather, I just need to buy some white cardstock and then I'll be printing the Paris party pack:) Thanks again!