Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{Party} Big Foot

A sweet lady in California is having a Big Foot Party for her little boy. So I put together a quick list of what I think would be great treats to dress the table up with as well as pleasing her little guys tummy!
So the Big Foot Accessories are:
Cookie Cutter I think this would be super cute. Iced in green royal icing and some with chocolate royal icing. They would be great on a plate or topping a cupcake!
Chocolate mold for feet This works great. you just melt chocolate... pour into mold along with lolly pop sticks you can get in the cake/craft /Wilton Section of walmart. You could even do some of them with white chocolate with a little green food color and then have chocolate ones too... it would totally tie the party colors together.
Hard Candy Feet could be in a candy jar on the table or topping a cupcake.
Sour Apple Stinky Feet Gummy candies these would be good on cupcakes... but they are pricey in my opinion.



Jacqueline said...

What fun ideas! I have never thought of a big foot party!

Ok, let me tell you about the cameras I use. I have been using a Canon G11, now it is the Canon G12 (BHphoto is the cheapest that I know of, a professional photographer recommended that site and it always is cheapest.) That is my easy point and shoot and so great that we bought our 3 married kids one for christmas. It runs about just under $500. I shot the pictures on my counter with my much more expensive Canon 40D. I haven't been that happy with my pictures from it, but had a friend come over and show me a few things about it and then bought a 50 mm lens for it and that is the trick to getting better photos. My 50 mm was the inexpensive under $200 one. Good luck.

Heather Ozee said...

Those cameras sound yummy!
The flower photos are just amazing. no matter what kind of camera you have, you need a good eye. You my friend have a great eye!