Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{Sharing Art} Coca-Cola Art

Hi Friends,

Not everyone knows this, but I'm a designer and illustrator at Coca-Cola by day. And my job at Coca-Cola spoils me, I get to see original Coca-Cola Santa paintings during the holidays and even occasionally run into a celebrity in the hall. Let me just say that Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo from the Cosby Show) was super nice! He was all grown up when I ran into him a year or so ago. So I want to share some of the amazing stuff I get to see with you, my blogbuddies!
Here's a great example of the Fabulous Collection of Coke Folk Art here in the Corporate office. They're created by artist from around the world. This one seems to be sculpted of leather. It's much more impressive in person.

The sculpture is easily 6 to 7 feet tall.

Notice the super creative use of the can as the train engine.

I hope you enjoyed the art :)


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Sue said...

What a fun job you have:) Thanks for sharing!