Saturday, April 30, 2011

{DIY CRAFT} Stained Glass

You can create a stained glass that will cling to the windows of your home. Gallery Glass is the perfect answer for a special window that you want to draw attention to.

In this case I'm freehand designing the gallery glass paint on wax paper.

  1. I pre-measured the window to be sure it would fit the window's width.
  2. Free hand draw your design on paper.
  3. Place paper under the wax paper, which you will use as if it were tracing paper.
  4. Now trace over the main “lead” lines of your design on the wax paper.
  5. Once this dries(be sure to follow label fro drying times)
  6. Fill each section of the design with the desired color.
  7. Once dry it simply gets pealed off the wax paper and clings to the playhouse windows!

I designed this fairy themed stained glass for my first daughter’s nursery. I took a picture frame, removed the cardboard back and did the steps above directly onto the picture frame glass. It now let’s light filter into the girls bathroom, while keeping their privacy.

You can also purchase blank lampshades to create a custom lamp with your own unique style.

Plaid makes many other great craft products, but by far Gallery Glass is my favorite. Happy Creating!


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Sue said...

Somehow I don't think my stained glass would end up looking as GORGEOUS as your fairy!?! Ha Ha!