Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Art with Kids} Still Life and Father's Day

Hello Friends,
It's been very hot in our area. The kind of hot that makes the thought of going outside an unpleasant thought. These are the days the kids whine that they are board and look to us in hopes of a magic "fun" solution. Those are the perfect days to pull out the watercolors and set up a still life.
Your still Life can be their sand bucket and snorkel on a table or as simple as a piece of fruit on the kitchen table as my daughter and I did in this photo. Notice that my sweet girl even captured the pool of shadow at the base of the pear. This is a great opportunity to talk to your budding artist about light and shadow. Make it even more appealing to the kids by using their action figures or dolls as the subject.

A great way to create a sure to be treasured Father's Day gift would be to set up Dad's tackle box and fishing reel for the little artist to draw or paint from. If Dad's not a fisherman what are his interest? A baseball and glove? Whatever it is, he will be pleased to see that his little one made it with their own precious hands. Then Mommy can grabbed an inexpensive picture frame to complete the gift.


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Sue said...

What a great idea! This type of gift will be treasured. I see the natural artistic talent already showing in your daughter, especially when I think of what my artwork was like as a child:)