Saturday, July 2, 2011

{A Trip and A Little Fall} Pigeon Forge, TN

Hi Sweet Friends,
I just returned from a wonderful stay in the mountains of Tennessee. We were perched in a little cabin smack in the middle of heaven. We were surrounded by art and historic southern homesteads. With all this eye candy my brain is going into over time planning future paintings.
Being in the mountains also sparked that final little flame I needed to kick off my design work for my fall collections.

I spent most of my time hanging out the car window looking through a camera lens and the rest of it snuggled with my kids or picking up rocks out of a creek. The beauty of the area can't truly be captured with a lens, but here's an idea of what we were surrounded by.

Best of all we got to reconnect with family members that we haven't seen in ages.
My cousin Heather of Sprinkle Bakes, was just as sweet as when we were kids. We had a wonderful visit with her and her mother, my Great Aunt Katie. And then as if the visit wasn't already perfect enough... she brought cupcakes! Homemade, absolutely delicious... cupcakes!

Love You Sweet Cousin!

So now the difficulty will be picking which painting in my head to get onto a canvas first. Of course there will be lots of party sets to design with fall just around the corner too. It's amazing how a short trip to a special place can set your creativity on fire. What a beautiful planet my heavenly father created for us.



Sorianna said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip I am glad you had wonderful time! Beautiful photos!

Sue said...

What a nice surprise to see the two Heathers together:) Sounds like a fun trip, especially with cupcakes included. Your artwork looks great!

Heather Ozee said...

it was great :) I have more photos I'll share soon.
Hugs to you both!