Friday, November 23, 2012

Monster Reader and Pumpkintown

In October I flew to Connecticut to finally meet my buddy Christina! Christina is the genius children's book writer who authored Monster Reader. She was a fabulous host and her family was the sweetest! So what was this trip way up north centered around? A book signing! We were honored to do our book signing at Pumpkintown USA, a very special place with a very special cause. We also squeezed in an appearance on Good Morning Connecticut. It was strangely comfortable being interviewed which I never would have guessed before hand. We sprinkled in loads of amazing food between all the work and fun... along with a load of Dunkin Donuts Mint Hot Chocolates.

I couldn't be in Mystic Connecticut without hitting Mystic Pizza! Hello, I've watched that movie a million times. We grabbed calzones and I even got brave and had fried pickles! It was great. The restaurant plays the movie 24/7 and I had to giggle when the hitch hiking scene came up. After we were filled to the brim we stopped in at the cutest little shop, Why Ever Not. A fun boutique full of all kinds of fun items great for gifts or just to jazz up your house. I loved the cards the owner of the store illustrated. She's also the hand behind the gorgeous whale that stands guard in front of Bank Square Books, the book store in Mystic that carries our book! 

The morning of the book signing started with an interview on Good Morning Connecticut. We were naturals... or at least that's what I thought ;)

After the interview we stopped off for an amazing meal at Somewhere in Time and then we were on our way to the signing.

Pumpkintown USA is a fun family destination filled with Characters made of pumpkins, tired to jump on and loads of stuff to explore. But this fun town isn't just about having a good time, it's about honoring a dearly loved lady by raising money for breast cancer causes. Sandy Peszynski passed away after a 25 year battle with Breast Cancer. Sandy was the brain child behind Pumpkintiwn and many of the characters.

Christina showed off her expert marketing skills!

 There were lots of special people who made Pumpkintown possible. And they all do it with a smile.
I have loads more pictures to share and lots of fun memories, but I'll save those for another day

Read more about Pumpkintown and how you can get involved in the fight against Breast Cancer go to their site here.



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Christina Cody said...

I have to reitterate that you were quite the most fabulous at being interviewed while on television! Not to mention, all the young readers who beamed with joy when you sketched them their own personal monster! You rock Heather!