Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mountain Plans

There were plans. Plans to see a favorite cousin, to stroll through Dollywood admiring the last flicker of holiday lights, window shopping and more. More plans than we would have been able to fit in most likely, but still some of them we would have enjoyed. And there was the cold. The "it's not the flu" but you feel like hell warmed up in a serving dish kind of cold. The delight of approaching the mountains in our rental car and the coziness of staying at my uncles cabin tucked away in the Tennessee mountains did suffer a bit from my hacking cough, fever and inability to tackle the great out doors more than from a passenger seat. But, there was love and giggles and some yummy meals. There was views of snow dusted mountains and a drive through Cade's Cove. We didn't do all we planned but there was still things we enjoyed and time most importantly with my husband, mom and kids. And that alone makes any trip wonderful to me.



Will Choate said...

Heather! We will never have enough time. The challenge is to do the most we can with what we have. Enjoy the good times. Love like each day is your last! Don't waste time on things that don't matter. Do the best you can and don't beat yourself up thinking you could have done better! Your a great lady and a great mom! I'm proud of you!

Sue said...

Hope you are all feeling well by now:) Happy New Year, Heather!