Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blog and Site Digs

I have come out of a long hibernation from enjoying reading blogs. I just kind of zonked out for a bit. But man oh man is there some blog yummieness to enjoy out there. Take for instance the oh so fabulous Dollar Store Crafts. Not a blog now but heavily blog fed and fuel for any crafter! Then there's Sugartown Sweets. I like to read blogs like this one and my cousin Heather's blog and day dream of a day when I can come out of the kitchen without a waft of smoke following me. Then there's the feed my Disney addiction sites and blogs such as... The Disney Photography Blog, Allears, and Inside the Magic.
So where is all this going? Well I just think that any of us who find our selves in a New Years funk. A general malaise of February blues, need only to look to the web or local book store to find a bright and cheerie Great Big Beautiful tomorrow. And even directions on how to get there.

That's it for now.

Oh! and don't forget to pull up a bit of carpet and sit a spell in your favorite book store. Not only will you get to enjoy the amazing books and magazines but you'll meet some amazing people too :)


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