Saturday, March 6, 2010

Show Stopping Baby Shower

So you just found out that your best friends is having a baby. Throw her a Baby Shower that all her guest will envy! Make it fun and enjoyable for all the guest whether they are the mom to be, the grandma to be ... or the friend of a friend who tagged along. Don't forget to keep it gender friendly, many dad's and husbands join in on the fun these days.

The strategy to having the Best Baby Shower is quite simple:
  1. Crowd Pleasing Food
    Luncheon's are Always a Hit!

    Make it stuff they actually want to eat! Wings are a great appetizer to add along side of the finger sandwiches. I always like to have a salad that's not only yummy but beautiful too! Make it colorful, toss some strawberries, blue berries, pecans and feta in and with a fancy pants vinaigrette and they'll ooh and ah the rest of the day. My friend April is the queen of the Slap Your Mama it's So Good Salad! Don't forget to have have at least two good desert choices, one being the shower cake.
  2. Pack a Punch!
    I won't go into what recipe to use because we all have a tried and true family recipe for punch. And if you don't the web is a bountiful resource. But, we must talk about having Punch. Maybe it's the Southern Bell in me or maybe I'm just old fashioned. What ever the case maybe, it's not a shower if it doesn't have punch!
    Punch should be one of the center pieces of the shower:
    • My aunt has always served punch in a new baby bathtub with a little rubber duck floating in it. It's a Never Fail Hit I promise!
    • On the other hand some of us are lucky enough to have sentimental family punch bowls that look divine when filled with punch and a few pieces of floating fresh fruit.
    • Don't Forget the Non-Punch Party Goers
      • I always like to have a carafe of Fresh coffee in a well appointed spot. Splurge on nice flavored creamer as well as half and half. And offer a sugar substitute along side the sugar. This can be a lovely site when done with a little panache.
      • Offering water bottles that you wrapped with a fun label tying into the shower decor is a lovely way to refresh guest too!
  3. Are You Game?
    • When I mention baby shower games a lot of people roll their eyes. What's behind that? I think we all have been at one of those showers that left us holding mirrors under the noses of guest to the right of us. Has she been bored to Death? Call EMS! Games can be a the best part of the shower, Really! Gross them out and have them rolling in the floor!
      • Diaper game
        • I actually saw it on TV at a celebrity shower and I've been using this one ever since. You simply melt candy bars one by one in the microwave. Place each candy bar in a separate diaper. We're going for texture, color and variety, so don't get six Hershey Bars and call it done. That will be a flop. I also put a little pickle juice in one diaper and usually hit one diaper with a little mustard. Us moms and Dad out there can all remember having a new baby and a sudden aversion to mustard for at least a small amount of time.
        • The game goes like this: Pass out note pads and pens. Then start passing around the diapers for party goers to smell and even taste the diapers contents. Have them write down what they think each diaper contains. Make sure all diapers contents are edible. Whoever gets the most correct gets a prize. It could be a Movie Rental Gift Card.
    • Toilet Paper Classic
      • Let's face it, pregnant women seeing people pull large lengths of toilet par to guess her width is hilarious. And I've had it done to me, and no I didn't require counseling afterwords!
      With these 3 areas covered all else will fall into place and you and your party will be a star!

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