Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Cautionary Tale


Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm far from graceful and have been known to walk into a wall or two. Those who know me also know that it is a rare thing to see me without my sketchbook in hand. This cautionary tale is the story of the time I risked my life.. well kind of.. to save my precious sketchbook. 

In an office far far away... the Coca-Cola Headquarters, I was taking my usual stroll from the parking deck to the employee entrance. In a long parade of people in suits and ties with cute little roller bags and very serious briefcases, and I sporting my unruly curls, black slacks and not so corporate black long sleeve tee with sketchbook in hand. As I approached the doors I did the usual "thank the Lord I'm not wearing a skirt" thought as the  man made wind tunnel of a breezeway tortured secretaries. I stepped into the turnstile door as usual and then had to give a shove because as usual the "Automatic" turning isn't so very speedy.
This is where you would hear the "Trouble is Coming" music if my tale were narrated. I dropped my beloved sketchbook.. and the door that never moves.. kept moving! I stopped bent over to pick it up.. which at this point was semi wedged under the door and proceeded to be PADDLED by the revolving doors who for some reason now were full of enthusiasm to do their normally neglected job of spinning suits and ties into their busy days. I finely yanked hard enough to pry the book free of the doors and looked up to see a variety of stuffy suited business people in all sorts of laughing fits and giggles. I banished myself to the land of handicap doors to live out my days safe from the revolving doors.. or as I know them the Punisher!

So when you enter a turnstile door be sure all your "carry-on items" are stowed in an upright position and DON'T bend over!


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Monster Reader said...

Oh, this is priceless! I can certainly relate since I'm quite "ungraceful" myself.