Monday, May 7, 2012

A Festival and A Book

 Hi Friends,
We had a fantastic weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival this weekend. It was just what this creative soul needed to load my inspiration battery. It's amazing the detail that is put into this event. And I love it!

My girls met a some very special friends too, Gargoyles! Iggy and Roxy were so sweet they even made my girls honorary Gargoyles.

 Then there was this amazing potter. His beautiful bowls featured cracked glass bottoms that gave you the feel of looking into a deep pond with fractures on the surface. Truly beautiful stuff. Check out Josh here.

I'll have more to share from the festival latter this week.
Let's just say this artist took it all in ;)

We then stopped at my local Books-a-Million to grab a copy of my cousin Heather's new cookbook for my Step-Mom. I have to admit that I had to apologize for my loud squealing outburst when I saw it on a shelf.. and then again when browsing a favorite magazine I ran into her ad... Now all the employees have heard all about Heather and our adventures as youth.. and that she not only can bake.. but can microwave some mean lil smokies!

Please support Heather by ordering her book here or at even better support your local mom and pop book shop and buy it there! Have a great day!


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Sue said...

The festival looked like a fun time! I love Heather's book too!!! :)