Thursday, May 24, 2012

Go with the Flow... Not

Do you Go with the Flow as the saying goes? I tend to go where the flow just left or get there ahead.
At Walt Disney World the hotel guests staying on property get in an hour earlier at a certain park on a certain day each weak. Well.. if you really think about what that means, then you would be insane to go to that park on that day... every hotel guest they have is going to use that perk and be there. Even if they don't get up early for that hour.. craziest thing I've ever seen. So, when my family and I are at the most magical place on earth... Disney, we always go to the park that had the Extra Magic Morning Hours the Day before... or at least not the park hosting extra magic hours. It's amazing how much lighter the crowds are. Of course there are some small trade offs, mainly fewer buses running to that park from the hotel.. but hey, when you do this and get there at opening... you end up not waiting longer than 20 minutes on any rides. Actually on our last trip we didn't wait 20 minutes on anything.
I kind of apply this to the rest of life. Would I rather be driving a new car now.. sure, but retiring at a decent age and enjoying life without the stress of a car payment is better than any new car smell that wears off far sooner than the car payment ends.
Education is another area where this applies for me. I'll be honest in saying that I would have preferred to get a degree, but as it happened I didn't have the support to make that happen and didn't qualify for enough aid to go longer than 1 semester. So I didn't go with the flow, instead I worked my way through some crummy sign shops learning all I could about file management and advertising, then transitioned into working at a printing company where I was able to dig in deep learning layout, and since I'd been drawing since I was two.. that was covered. In the end I worked my way up and around designing and drawing all the way and by the grace of God ended up where I always said I wanted to work as a kid... coke! Now I'm sure I could be making more, but I hear real horror stories about student loans that I'm glad to not be a character in. My point is not to go against the flow and quit school, far from it. It is that if you have a dream, a passion or just simply a wish... don't let a couple of stumbling blocks keep you from it. Chart your own course and let nothing keep you from reaching for the stars.


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Sounds like some sound advice:)