Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monsters and Jesus

Hi Friends,
I know you're thinking what an odd title for a post. But it's just a glimpse into the way I work. The title actually came about when yesterday at the soccer filed a  boy who's been taking a peek at my sketchbook now and then took another peek. He flipped the pages looking at the monsters and then shouted "Jesus?". And then he flipped past more monsters. "Why is Jesus in there?", he asked.
I explained that I always have my sketchbook with me and always put in it what is running through my head at the time. The day before was a Sunday and so it's standard practice for me to jot sermon notes, scripture and draw whatever the day puts on my heart. If I'm being perfectly honest, which I have to be because something went wrong at the factory and God gave me two servings of conscience, my art skills are a heavenly gift. I know this because during my stupid years, when I thought I knew more than God and lived like there wasn't one, well my art stunk. What art I even made for that matter. I was uninspired and couldn't find it in myself to finish anything. Numb is another way to put it. It simply was ok when I did finish anything. It didn't have flow and I didn't have passion for it. I didn't have those awe moments of inspiration and excited creative thoughts. It was just dull ok art.

But the closer I got to my Lord, the more inspired I became and the more opportunity presented it's self. To this day I try to pray over any special project and weather it be art for coke, a monster for a book or just painting with my kids, I know where it comes from and that I'm fortunate to be blessed with the gift of art.



Monster Reader said...

So perfect and so true for the creator in you. Your gift of art and creative expression is truly that - a gift from our Lord. I'm absolutely honored that you are in my life!
~monster hugs

Sue said...

You definitely do have a gift from God in your artwork(love your sketchbook)! Things certainly do go better when we humble ourselves before the Lord:)

Heather Ozee said...

You are too sweet Christina! Thanks and I'm lucky to call you a friend too.
Sue, I agree. A humble heart and love him as a child loves their parent :) Hugs to you both, my super talented friends!